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To explain how many arms a human has first I need to introduce chakras, because that is how I found them.

Chakras are energy centers in the body, and in my opinion, there is not much better for you than working with them each day.

First, cleanse yourself. I do this by imagining clear clean white energy above me, then inhaling it. Then I push all the negativity and dirt out to the ground in an exhale. Three times.

There are seven well known ones, but it you are standing, there is another one below your feet. When I do it, I wobble like a top. It is called precession. The magnetic field does this. But you need these energy centers, and when you learn how to do it, it is an incredible feeling. When I rotate them, I hold an image in front of them.

For my crown chakra, it is a blue square box with a white eye of Isis in the center in front of my third eye. I hold it there with the two long arms shown in the drawing, while I rotate it. They look skeletal to me, but you can move them around and hold things which your creative imagination creates.

With practice, you can feel them, but I use them to hold images that I created.

There are two short arms below them, which I have not found a use for, but when I wiggle them it sends chills throughout me.

These arms are similar to chakras in that they cannot be seen, like a lot of things, electricity and love for instance. But they can definitely be felt if you work with them. I am talking every day for a while, not just five minutes and give up

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