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A metaphysical lesson from calculus.
Lise gene Cox 9/9/2021. Austin Texas.
When you are in a science field of study, the calculus stretch, with labs, is rough. But here is the basics of calculus. You will have to try to bear with me.

Derivatives and integration. A derivative takes it to a lower level. Integration takes it to a higher level, or dimension.

Distance, speed, acceleration. Taking distance to speed or taking speed to acceleration is integration. The reverse is differentiation.

One dimension to two dimensions or three dimensions or further. Or vice versa differentiation.
Now, lets say that ones speed can be defined as X2 meaning X squared. To change speed into distance traveled, you differentiate it. Subtract one from the exponent and place that under it. So X2 differentiated would be X.
To go from speed to acceleration you integrate. In this example, X2, Add one to the exponent and place that below, so X2 integrated would be X3/3 as a simple example.

I am sure you know what an integrand sign looks like, like a bass cleff in music. To add meaning to the integration, you have to ask from where to where. The number at the bottom of the integrand is the “where from”, the number at the top is the “where to”. They are known as limits of integration.

So, to solve the equation you solve the equation for the top and bottom, and then subtract them.
Da Da then next dimension. This can proceed further with more integrands. This is Calc II multivariable calculus.
By far the hardest for me. Trust me, it gets a lot more intense.

Calc III is powers and series, a lot easier.

This philosophy of going to the next dimension or to a lower dimension I am convinced has metaphysical properties.

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Principle of Natural Magic
Did “… or you will cause an avalanch.” cause an avalanch?

Did “… or you will cause an avalanch.” cause an avalanch?

This is a basic axiom in Natural Magic, and the tottal essence of Nordic Magic.

1. Create a profound visual image of a situation. This is done through visualization, magical associations present such as candles, crystals, incense, etc.
2. Connect is to a hook, something that will cause the event. In the above clip, “Poncho, keep quiet or you will cause an avalanch.”
3. Generate the situation by suggestion, as in the above, knowing that this would make him yell.
4. As in the last clip, “Nature seems to be able to bend logic whenever it feels like making a point.”

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Why are sleep and dreaming so critical to survival? A human cannot live for over 30 days without sleep. This is a well known scientifical fact. Nor can any animal, for that matter. mice, etc. That is why sleep depreivation is used as a torture technique. If you rest, your muscles and cells can regenerate, so your physical body is taken care of. So why is it imperative that you sleep to survive?

To begin with, let us look at amphibians.They can survive for a while on land, but they must return to water to survive. It is the world from whence they came, and they have to have that world and nourishment to survive. This is not available on land. Then they can adventure out on land again, wher they can learn and grow.

Now, we are spirits in a human host, similar to amphibians. We can survive on land for a while, but we have to return to the world from where we live for survival. Sleep and dreams return us to the spiritual world for totally criticaly nourishments. Ever wonder why dreams are so wierd. You should be paying attention. That is where we live and we have to return their for analysis of what is going on, regeneration of Soul, a future topic.

Your body can survive without sleep and dreams, but as a spirit in a human host you cannot.

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Lisa Log 02/08/2021
Earth’s magnetic directions, their associations and energies.

Human, humanity
Sturdy-ness, lasting

Knowledge, thought

Ardor, Strength

Ferociousness, Vigor, vitality

Mystical Associations of East
The alchemical symbol for air is an upward-pointing triangle, bisected by a horizontal line. (1)
The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, founded in 1888, incorporates air and the other Greek classical elements into its teachings. The elemental weapon of air is the dagger which must be painted yellow with magical names and sigils written upon it in violet. Each of the elements has several associated spiritual beings.
In the Golden Dawn and many other magical systems, each element is associated with one of the cardinal points and is placed under the care of guardian Watchtowers. The Watchtowers derive from the Enochian system of magic founded by Dee. In the Golden Dawn, they are represented by the Enochian elemental tablets. Air is associated with the east, which is guarded by the First Watchtower.

Mystical Associations of South
Fire and the other Greek classical elements were incorporated into the Golden Dawn system. The elemental weapon of fire is the Wand. Each of the elements has several associated spiritual beings
In freemasonry, fire is present, for example, during the ceremony of winter solstice, a symbol also of renaissance and energy. Freemasonry takes the ancient symbolic meaning of fire and recognizes its double nature: creation, light, on the one hand, and destruction and purification, on the other.
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Mystical Associations of West
Water and the other Greek classical elements were incorporated into the Golden Dawn system.[3] The elemental weapon of water is the cup, or chalice. Each of the elements has several associated spiritual beings.

Mystical Associations of West
In alchemy, earth was believed to be primarily dry, and secondarily cold, (as per Aristotle). Beyond those classical attributes, the chemical substance salt, was associated with earth and its alchemical symbol was a downward-pointing triangle, bisected by a horizontal line.

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I was shopping at HEB and bumped into a very old friend of mine. His name is Max, and he lives in South Austin, like me. If you live in Austin Texas, You know that there is an Austin, and then there is a South Austin. South Austin is the original Austinites. Full of cool people, old hippies. The rest of Austin is everyone else, Yuppies, and racial districts. We are not Austin, we are South Austin.

Anyway, Max is night and day different as far as ability in metaphysical magic than anyone I have ever met. Many talk the talk, but I never see walk the walk. This guy has Metaphysical magic down cold. He wont tell you, he will show you.

Max knows crystals far better than anyone I have ever met. He also is very adept at wood working. He has wood lathes and things like that at his house. I have been after him for over five years to create a wand for me. The way that he does it is to work with you with all the many crystals that he has, and after he finds the right one, he puts it inside a wooden wand. The wood and length are also custom tailored to you. Thus, you get a wand that really works. We set up a time for me to come over to his house and pursue this.

Another thing about Max. Every time that I bump into him, he has a lesson to teach me which is always mind blowing. This was today’s lesson.

There once was a bug. Every time the wind blew, the wind would take her to wherever the wind was blowing. So this bug decided to let the wind blow through her, then she could go whenever she wanted to go.

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Definitely one of the top three occult books ever written was Isreal Regardie’s take on the Golden Dawn. Even though he was not an original member. There were three, who are they? If you wish to read this incredible occult document, and alternately download it, I will share it with you.

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Why the Law of Three sucks.

The Wicca Law of Three states that whatever you do will be returned to you three fold. Allow me to discuss this with you.

First, the universe does not generate karma, you do. The universe only creates it for you due to your anticipation of it. I will try to explain this.

Consider a lion killing a zebra. The lion committed a horrific act as far as the zebra was concerned, but no one would say that the lion would receive any bad karma from the act. The lion did not have any thoughts as to doing anything wrong. The lion has no karma coming from this act.

For you to receive karma, good or bad, you have to anticipate it. Think of all the infamous serial killers. They were never caught because they believed that they were not doing any wrong. It has to be a conscious anticipation on your part. If you feel you have done no wrong, there will be no karma, the same holds with good acts.

A little background for those new to this. The religion Wicca was created circa 1950 by Gerald Gardner and others around 1950 when the English Witchcraft Laws were repealed. The term wicca and wicce prior to 1950 referred to a male sorcerer. You cannot find anywhere a verifiable reference to wicca prior to 1950 that defines wicca in any manner close to the religion it is today. If anything Wicca is the worlds newest religion, not the oldest. Some of the Wicca practices go way back, but the same applies to all religions.

Gardner and others took witchcraft, which is an act, not a religion, and added a lot of sugar coated rituals and practices to make witchcraft appealing to those living then and hopefully defuse some of the negative connotations which were given witchcraft by competing religions. Witchcraft is an act of using natural forces to create your desire, a natural act for natural forces.

So, if you do not expect positive or negative karma, there will be none. If you expect good or bad karma you will receive it because due to the creative forces of the universe, you expected it, and the universe complied by creating it for you.

Gene Cox

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Sometimes the telephone works better than the psychic things.

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I call Aradia

“Aradia, your handmaid awaits.”

Others may call her in a different fashion, but she seems pleases with this. Then when I am comfortable with her presence I continue with whatever issues I have to address with her if any.

I have sought Aradia now for about 25 years as strongly as I seek air, food, and water. I may very well be wrong, but what she projects to me is that she is a female only goddess. She may present herself differently to others.

If you are not exactly a female you have to wing it. I am a transgender female, so I am not totally a female. Sure, the dress does not fool her, but she knows that I am a woman inside and doing my best to be a female outside. This is working for me. Since I always try to present myself as a female it works for me.

Freya Aswynn has an interesting opinion along these lines. She is the only well known author of Asatru, or the Northern Mysteries. In her book Northern Mysteries & Magick, Runes & Feminine Powers, starting on page 207 under the heading of seith:

In the later sagas, the kind of seidr practiced has more in common with spiritualistic trance meduimship. Seidr was predominantly performed by women; in the later Icelandic sagas it was frowned upon, partly owing to the Christian bias of the writers, and partly to the dominating patriarchal outlook prevalent in the Viking Age. Odin is the only male god known to have practiced seidr, after being taught by Freyja. My personal view is that Odin’s practice of seidr may derive from a later Viking interpretation of an older magical discipline, for Swedish sources suggest that if a man did practive seird, he was requird to dress up as a woman is a sort of ritual transvestism. This practice has also been observed by anthropologists among some Native American tribes. There are occult reasons for this custom, which does not necessarily imply homosexual practices, however, it does not exclude these either. Modern Seithmen are for the most part gay and they are the best I’ve ever worked with. Ritual transvestism was a remnant of a very ancient tradition going back in history to the time when only women were allowed to practice shamanism. It was thought that a man had to change himself spiritually into a woman to be able to serve the Goddess.

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Probably most people who claim to be witches think that all Witches are Wiccan. This is definitely not so. Michaela Jane Metcalfe, in her well done site “Gothic Witch”, explains the differences in a very scholarly manner. Her site also gives the best introduction to the Craft that I have seen and contains all the information and reference material, such as a starter Book of Shadows and correspondence tables, to practice Witchcraft.

I like Witchcraft sites like this that are there for information and learning, such as hers and mine, and are not trying to sell you anything or make money on you. The focus is on learning and not money.

Ms. Metcalfe states: “Wicca is a religion and Witchcraft is a practice”, the main premise of this site. “A Wiccan adheres to Gerald Gardner’s version of Witchcraft and Magick as the “set” path of their choice.” Though I knew this, It never really sank in until I studied her thoughts on this. She presents her arguments and evidence very well.

“I find Wicca very limiting. Wicca is lifted from some practices of ancient witchcraft. Wicca is not the only “Old Path” as Wicca itself did not exist before Gerald Gardner’s “organized” Witchcraft into Wicca including the Wiccan Rede which also did not exist in ancient times, nor was it a concept in general.

Pagan academics today largely agree that Gardner’s “ancient, pre-Celtic” Wicca, can be almost entirely attributed to the influence of Margaret Murray’s books “The Witch Cult in Western Europe”, “The God of the Witches”; Charles G. Leland’s book “Aradia: The Gospel of the Witches”, and the poetic works of Robert Graves, most notably “The White Goddess”, along with ideas from Freemasonry and Rosicrusionism, and not from the “few remaining “traditional” Witchcraft covens in England”, like he stated.
Read more

Ms. Metcalfe states: “The Wiccan rede is based very strongly on the basis that there is no evil or dark side. It appears that the read laws are in some ways a very constraining what you are able to practice.” Another well written phrase is that: “Witchcraft is simply a tool that helps to release the power within you”, Probably the best short definition of witchcraft I have seen yet.

Her website includes a section on “Gothic or Dark Magic – Spells, Charms and Invocations from the Dark side. There are definitely some of the most interesting potions and spells I have seen. Very interesting and very well done. She sees a clear distinction between white and black magic, between white and black, between good and evil that I do not see, or polarization. I respect, or do my best to respect the views of others, but I see everything as one. The yen and yang is a good example. It stands for the light side and the shady side of a mountain, or the Chinese words do, but it is still the same mountain. Everything is born in the dark, and dies in the dark, and in one way or another lives it’s life in the dark. All is darkness, but darkness is not the metaphorical evil, bad, things that go bump that the image is that was given it by Christians and others.

“Gothic Witch” should be the site of choice for those entering the Craft, as well as those progressing along it’s path.

Michaela Jane Metcalfe (GothWitch)
Gothic Witch web site

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