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The notes in this text comes from a Rosicrucian study group. A.M.O.R.C.
albrecht durer painting AMORC

When a baby is born, it’s hands are tightly closed as if to say, “I have come here with something to share with you”. If you observe a dying person’s hands, they are open, as if to say, “I have shared with you what I have come to share.”

Think of the use of your hands. They can be used for killing (for food, revenge, passion), bringing that food to your mouth, for hugging and showing affection; creating works of art as in painting and pottery or writing, as with many other forms of expressions and needs.

Notice that when not particularly doing anything, they go to a narural form of rest.

If the eyes are the window to your soul, then you hands are one of its expressions.

Human scientists thell us there are five senses: sight smell touch taste and hearing. As usual, this is very overly simplified and does not tell the true story. For example can you tell without looking if someone is standing next to you? Can you tell if they are a male or female (without smell or sight)? Do you get an impression of what their intentions are?

The handwriting of males and female humans is usually very different. Why is that? They are expressing their ‘owners’ personalities. Handwriting analysis is spookily accurate, as is tarot, astrology and runes.

Well, to put it bluntly, those were the hands that you were dealt.

Many cultures have different hand shakes. The level of a freemason is told by their handshake I am told. Some shake hands to clinck a deal as if to say, ” I will make my part. Here is my hand”.

Outer vibratory energy in the visible spectrum is detected by our eyes. Many cultures use ‘laying on of hands’ to cure illnesses. Wicca uses energy focused through your hands to change the elements more to your bidding.

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