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Principle of Natural Magic
Did “… or you will cause an avalanch.” cause an avalanch?

Did “… or you will cause an avalanch.” cause an avalanch?

This is a basic axiom in Natural Magic, and the tottal essence of Nordic Magic.

1. Create a profound visual image of a situation. This is done through visualization, magical associations present such as candles, crystals, incense, etc.
2. Connect is to a hook, something that will cause the event. In the above clip, “Poncho, keep quiet or you will cause an avalanch.”
3. Generate the situation by suggestion, as in the above, knowing that this would make him yell.
4. As in the last clip, “Nature seems to be able to bend logic whenever it feels like making a point.”

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Individual and collective human consciousness can harmonize itself with vibratiory frequencies exceeding far beyond the manifestations of this planet and this plane.

Each human is a body of vibrations emersed in a vibratory ocean having its origins in the Cosmos.

Human beings have too great of a tendency to trust their censory perceptions and associate them with reality.

Faith in their causes without any reasoning.

Blind and powerful instincts of nature and never entertaining any superstition.

The one are but representation of the other and the all.

The table, what we eat on, etc, is not external to our mind, it is internal to it.

Perception interferance – the five sences are highly modified, usually to coincide with our unfounded beliefs and superstitions. Wearing sunglasses are an example.

The material world, both an illusion and reality forms.

The interpretation and perception of things does not change their nature.

The grave errors that can be committed when we remailn imprisioned by our false beliefs and place out faith in what we percieve through our objective facilities.

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Truly we live in a house of mirrors. When you think that you are seeing other people and events, you are seeing little flashes of yourself, things in your life. This is all that we have and all that we can relate to.

You relate everything that you experience to you which is the only way that you can analyzy it. If you react negatively to a person or a situation, you are reacting to something in your own life, not them. If you hate transgenders for example, there is something in your own life you fear or are hiding.

There could be no other reason for violent hate of someone whom you do not know or interact with in anyway. If you get called a name, please remember they are calling themselves a name.

I offer this as proof of the above statement:
Look at someone who spews hatred and prejudice. They complain of others being prejudiced when they are the ones who are prejudiced. Those who complain the most about prejudice are the most prejudiced. Be different, and you see this.

Freud called it the id. This could be interpreted as a dark side of the personalty which needs to be considered. The Salem Witch Craft hysteria was about people projecting their dark side rather than integrating it.

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Science classifies ‘things’, on Earth into three categories. Animal, plant, and mineral. We fall in the category of animal. You are not a plant or mineral. However, with some humans it seems debateable.

‘Things’, that can be observed by science consist of elements such as carbon, nitrogen, and gold. These elements combine through various means to produce things, such as you and a tulip.
These items are held together physically by four forces defined by science as cohesion, adhesion, attraction, and repulsion.

Cohesion – particles of the same substances binding through their own means.
Adhesion – particles binding through an intermediary force, like gluing two things together.
Attraction – magnetic binding through attomic forces.
Repulsion – magnetic attempts to keep substanes apart through similar magnetic forces.

These forces, together with the elements in something, produce a scientif model of something. The combinations and forces involved are basically inumerable. So now, you have a thing, such as bread and Boing 747’s.

Now, this model cannot explain the animating forces of that item. They are still at a total loss, scientifically.

The above model we consider “Spirit”. As in the spirit of elements and natural forces.

The animating force we define as “Soul”. Soul is an unlimited universe wide ‘life’ force which could be considered to be ‘god’, or some other name. The anacronym derives from Generator, Ordainer, and Destroyer, GOD. Many religions, or attempts to explain what is going on here, have a name for such a god, such as Shiva.

Trimurti, (Sanskrit: “three forms”) in Hinduism, triad of the three gods Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. The concept was known at least by the time of Kalidasa’s poem Kumarasambhava (“Birth of the War God”; c. 4th–5th century CE).

The trimurti collapses the three gods into a single form with three faces. Each god is in charge of one aspect of creation, with Brahma as creator, Vishnu as preserver (ordainer), and Shiva as destroyer.

There is a Hindu, technically, sanscrit, term ‘namaste’, that many use as a greeting meaning ‘I worship the GOD in you.’In the Hindu language, spriitual concepts can much better be defined and describes as the language comes from such a purpose.

IF YOU CANNOT SEE THE GOOD IN ALL, YOU CANNOT SEE THE GOD IN ALL. This requires some broad minded thought.

So, the combination of Spirit and Soul produces a walking around bitching you.

Non-human, invsible to most of us, entities or species are not composed of the Elements of the Periodic Table of the Elemnts of science, which is why they can be invisible and go through walls. If they were composed of the Elements of the periodic table, they could not go through walls, for example. However, how the force of Soul is definitely present, but Spirit must be different.

When a human baby, for example is born, and takes it’s first breath, Soul then enters and animates that being. There is no human or animation untill then. It has a heart beat and moves around, like its mother’s finger, but it cannot be a ‘human’, without breathing in and out soul. When the baby is born, think about that first dramatic breath and the resulting animation. If you have been around someone who has died, you know that there is a very dramatic last breath when Soul leaves the body.

Carl Jung has excelent descriptions of Soul in his writings, even though he does not call it that. He brilliantly defined this as a single force he calls ‘synchronicity’, or the connection of everything in the universe working together harmoniously, even though you may not lable it as harmonious, as it looks much to the contrary, but in reality, it is. We are flies in the soup and have no idea what the chef is producing.

Now, back to Spirit. Everything that is composed of Elements vibrates. The atoms vibrate, as well as their composition of neutrons, nuetrinos, etc. Each atom vibrates as well as does it’s collection. There is an inward vibration as well as an ourward vibration. The inward vibration is paculiar to it, as well as the outward vibration.The outward vibrations is what we percieve through our five physical senses as well as our inner senses, such as being able to tell if you are standing next to a man or woman without looking at them, which is their inner vibration that can be felt and known through Soul.

Click ‘Home’, in the menu to return to my blog. Lisa gene Cox, 02/10/2021, Austin Texas ya’ll.

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Why are sleep and dreaming so critical to survival? A human cannot live for over 30 days without sleep. This is a well known scientifical fact. Nor can any animal, for that matter. mice, etc. That is why sleep depreivation is used as a torture technique. If you rest, your muscles and cells can regenerate, so your physical body is taken care of. So why is it imperative that you sleep to survive?

To begin with, let us look at amphibians.They can survive for a while on land, but they must return to water to survive. It is the world from whence they came, and they have to have that world and nourishment to survive. This is not available on land. Then they can adventure out on land again, wher they can learn and grow.

Now, we are spirits in a human host, similar to amphibians. We can survive on land for a while, but we have to return to the world from where we live for survival. Sleep and dreams return us to the spiritual world for totally criticaly nourishments. Ever wonder why dreams are so wierd. You should be paying attention. That is where we live and we have to return their for analysis of what is going on, regeneration of Soul, a future topic.

Your body can survive without sleep and dreams, but as a spirit in a human host you cannot.

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Remember ‘growing up’, which is a whole topic in itself, but schooling began in first grade with learning that one and one is two. Then you advanced to quadratic equasions, then calculus, then differential equations, where you learned that there are more than one answer to a problem. Magical and Mystical studies are similar. One and one is two, but that is the beginning, not the end, and by the way, there is no end.

Our purpose is to advance spiritually. We are spirits in human hostS to learn lessons from the physical world. To understand the physical is the beginning to undrstand the noN-physical world.


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Lisa Log 02/08/2021
Earth’s magnetic directions, their associations and energies.

Human, humanity
Sturdy-ness, lasting

Knowledge, thought

Ardor, Strength

Ferociousness, Vigor, vitality

Mystical Associations of East
The alchemical symbol for air is an upward-pointing triangle, bisected by a horizontal line. (1)
The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, founded in 1888, incorporates air and the other Greek classical elements into its teachings. The elemental weapon of air is the dagger which must be painted yellow with magical names and sigils written upon it in violet. Each of the elements has several associated spiritual beings.
In the Golden Dawn and many other magical systems, each element is associated with one of the cardinal points and is placed under the care of guardian Watchtowers. The Watchtowers derive from the Enochian system of magic founded by Dee. In the Golden Dawn, they are represented by the Enochian elemental tablets. Air is associated with the east, which is guarded by the First Watchtower.

Mystical Associations of South
Fire and the other Greek classical elements were incorporated into the Golden Dawn system. The elemental weapon of fire is the Wand. Each of the elements has several associated spiritual beings
In freemasonry, fire is present, for example, during the ceremony of winter solstice, a symbol also of renaissance and energy. Freemasonry takes the ancient symbolic meaning of fire and recognizes its double nature: creation, light, on the one hand, and destruction and purification, on the other.
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Mystical Associations of West
Water and the other Greek classical elements were incorporated into the Golden Dawn system.[3] The elemental weapon of water is the cup, or chalice. Each of the elements has several associated spiritual beings.

Mystical Associations of West
In alchemy, earth was believed to be primarily dry, and secondarily cold, (as per Aristotle). Beyond those classical attributes, the chemical substance salt, was associated with earth and its alchemical symbol was a downward-pointing triangle, bisected by a horizontal line.

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Energy fields of the Human Body, by Manly Hall

The magnetic fields can be traced to the ancient Egyptions, and extensively written about by the Rosicrution. Profound video.

It is sometimes referred to as magnetic sorcery, if you know how to use it.

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People ask me all the time, how will I die?
In the words of Rob Zombie: “We all know how we are going to die baby, we are going to crash and burn!”

Crash and Burn Baby!!!

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