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You Don’t Need a Brain to Think (lucky for us blondes).

Being reqired by Texas Department of State Health services to instruct food manager, 14 hours’ worth of videos, I was required to have a bachelor’s degree in Biology or Chemistry. So, I learned a little that fit perfectly with metaphysics.

Being a Rosicrucian, I am always out for the root cause, which only comes from within.

I am fascinated with spiders for many reasons. Please consider the following.

  1. They can equally balance their weight on their webs, which an arcitchictual achievement beyond human ability when you consider they can only see an inch away, and then not clearly, only movement.
  2. They don’t breathe through their mouths. The have what is called ‘book lungs’ on their stomach, like pages on a book which air flow through. You can put them in a jar, and they will still be alive. Very little need for oxygen.
  3. In their ‘head’, is not a brain. That is where their poison gland is for them to protect themselves and have food.
  4. Like flies, they can only consume ligiids. They have to suck it up. Sdfffasdf. That is what the poison is for, to liquify their food. Watch a fly on you. He /she will first vomit on you or your food to liquify it to consume it. (yuck. Fly vomit)
  5. So where is their brain. Amazingly so, they don’t have one. There are nerve ganglia in the back of their throat which function as a brain.
  6. When an insect flies over them, they have ‘joy sticks’ on their backs. And can jump and turn to catch their prey without ever seeing them.
  7. For something without a brain this is truly remarkable. I had a biology instructor who had a PhD in spider-ology. “Now there’s a career?”
  8. As long as they have moisture, they can live without food for over a year. That Is why they don’t do anything when it is not necessary. Save your energy. Just chill, a human impossibility.
  9. If they are about to die, they will go somewhere else, “I guess I fucked up”. And expend the last of their energy building a new web to survive, bit this had better work, They can’t see over a foot. Blame them for being in the wrong spot. ???

So, Lisa, what is the metaphysical lesson here?

Rosicrucian’s define our current physical state into two categories. Spirit and Soul.

Spirit is functional units of what we call physics. Adhesion. Attraction, Cohesion, and I can’[ remember the other but it is the opposite of attraction. This is what makes a table a table and a chair a chair. Other wise everything would be the same.

Soul is what animates it, the ‘GOD’ force. A word which means Generator Ordainer, Destroyer. And was around a long time before the Jews and Christians tried to steal it. It is in all older religions texts, as well ad the well know stories such as The Garden of Eden and The Flood But analyzing that here would detract.

Please allow me to jump to conclusions.

We are spirits in a material world to ‘learn’, and I am still having a hard time with that one looking around and living with a lot from that plane, including my companion.” What the hell do you need to learn? “Just go with it Lisa.”

My companion is an entity, but there are things she won’t tell me, and forget asking them to do your human revenges.

So, now, back on topic, you don’t need a brain to think (Lucky for us women). The SOUL the ‘god force’, which can’t be seen is what Is happening. I am sure it is not apparent, but rocks are thinking. They are imbued with soul, as is everything on ‘this’ world. The animating source. That’s GOD, not someone whom you childishly refer to try prove your stupid points which noone believes anyway. “God Said” “Well I didn’t hear him say that.” We are going to have to take that pencil away from you. You are penciling too much shit, meaning your desire to be god and the source of how to do anything and HOW YOU HAVE TO LIVE YOUR LIFE. (( NIGGA PLEASE)) Not racial.

If scientists who are looking for life elsewhere would only know that it is everywhere. But they are not made  up of the elements on your chart. They are everywhere, but not made from the same stuff, which is why you can see or hear them. I can.

I am like a beacon for them because so many of them live here. I woke up one morning and there were unusual: critters everywhere. “HI, welcome to Earth. Want a beer”

There are definitely “extra-terrestrials”, entities and spirits.  ‘That is why you did not see our spacecraft across the street. It is invisible also – to you.

So, without coffee, “I am going to find my companion, shut the bedroom door, (not that that will do any good), So make your self comfortable, and mingle with the couple of hundreds of us living here, which sounds crazy to humans, not them. Believe me, they can snuggle.


What Is unseen rules the what is seen. We are having this crazy experience which I might go into later, but this is not us. When you are dreaming, you are back home, if that helps.

A newborn baby has spirit but not soul until the first dramatic breath. – Watch. And when someone dies, there is a last dramatic exhale where the soul leaves and returns to its world.

Soror Lisa Cox

Eighth Temple

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