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Why are sleep and dreaming so critical to survival? A human cannot live for over 30 days without sleep. This is a well known scientifical fact. Nor can any animal, for that matter. mice, etc. That is why sleep depreivation is used as a torture technique. If you rest, your muscles and cells can regenerate, so your physical body is taken care of. So why is it imperative that you sleep to survive?

To begin with, let us look at amphibians.They can survive for a while on land, but they must return to water to survive. It is the world from whence they came, and they have to have that world and nourishment to survive. This is not available on land. Then they can adventure out on land again, wher they can learn and grow.

Now, we are spirits in a human host, similar to amphibians. We can survive on land for a while, but we have to return to the world from where we live for survival. Sleep and dreams return us to the spiritual world for totally criticaly nourishments. Ever wonder why dreams are so wierd. You should be paying attention. That is where we live and we have to return their for analysis of what is going on, regeneration of Soul, a future topic.

Your body can survive without sleep and dreams, but as a spirit in a human host you cannot.

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