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A metaphysical lesson from calculus.
Lise gene Cox 9/9/2021. Austin Texas.
When you are in a science field of study, the calculus stretch, with labs, is rough. But here is the basics of calculus. You will have to try to bear with me.

Derivatives and integration. A derivative takes it to a lower level. Integration takes it to a higher level, or dimension.

Distance, speed, acceleration. Taking distance to speed or taking speed to acceleration is integration. The reverse is differentiation.

One dimension to two dimensions or three dimensions or further. Or vice versa differentiation.
Now, lets say that ones speed can be defined as X2 meaning X squared. To change speed into distance traveled, you differentiate it. Subtract one from the exponent and place that under it. So X2 differentiated would be X.
To go from speed to acceleration you integrate. In this example, X2, Add one to the exponent and place that below, so X2 integrated would be X3/3 as a simple example.

I am sure you know what an integrand sign looks like, like a bass cleff in music. To add meaning to the integration, you have to ask from where to where. The number at the bottom of the integrand is the “where from”, the number at the top is the “where to”. They are known as limits of integration.

So, to solve the equation you solve the equation for the top and bottom, and then subtract them.
Da Da then next dimension. This can proceed further with more integrands. This is Calc II multivariable calculus.
By far the hardest for me. Trust me, it gets a lot more intense.

Calc III is powers and series, a lot easier.

This philosophy of going to the next dimension or to a lower dimension I am convinced has metaphysical properties.

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