At the top of hot tech, welcome ladies, gentlemen, spirits and entities to the METAVERSE. Welcome to deep space.

The concept is still vague but is best described as “A 3D INTERNET THAT YOU LIVE INSIDE OF” Gives you an actual realistic dream world, which is our actual world.

facebook changed it’s name to Meta to try to get in on the action early. A virtual life with your friends in a world that we cannot live in with our current and chosen human constraints. We are spirits. Nvidia calls it an Omniverse.

Nvidia crushes earnings thanks to gaming chips, but its future could be the “Omniverse”

Warm up the gaming chair… Nvidia makes graphics cards for everything from laptops to gaming consoles, including Nintendo’s Switch. America’s most valuable chip company just reached new horizons: Nvidia scored another quarter of record sales, raking in $7.1B as demand for its gaming and server chips boomed.

Gaming revenue, which makes up nearly half of Nvidia’s sales, surged 42% from last year as Nvidia powered hit games like Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy.
Data center revenue surged 55% as the eservices boom continued. Nvidia powers half the world’s servers, touting customers like Microsoft and Amazon.
The global chip shortage could last into 2023, but Nvidia said it’s securing long-term supply deals to avoid major issues.

Metamorphosis… Like Facebook, Microsoft, Roblox, and other tech titans, Nvidia is turning its focus to the metaverse. While the metaverse concept is still vague, many describe it as a 3D internet you live inside. Adding to the confusion, Nvidia’s version of the metaverse is called “Omniverse.”

Omniverse Enterprise: Nvidia’s new subscription service lets creators, designers, researchers, and engineers collaborate in a shared virtual space.
For example: BMW is using Omniverse to build factories by simulating its manufacturing plants. Interior designers could virtually “stage” houses inside 3D models.
Nvidia also launched Omniverse Avatar, a platform for making AI assistants that could help with billions of daily customer service tasks.


Chips are the backbone of the metaverse… From Facebook’s VR gaming world, to Microsoft’s VR office, the metaverse relies on realistic graphics and animation, which Nvidia is famous for. Nvidia’s CEO believes the Omniverse is one of the company’s largest opportunities, and hopes that one day, every internet transaction will use a graphics card. If virtual 3D worlds are the future of the internet, graphics cards are the building blocks to get there.

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