Posted on 23-03-2015
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I was shopping at HEB and bumped into a very old friend of mine. His name is Max, and he lives in South Austin, like me. If you live in Austin Texas, You know that there is an Austin, and then there is a South Austin. South Austin is the original Austinites. Full of cool people, old hippies. The rest of Austin is everyone else, Yuppies, and racial districts. We are not Austin, we are South Austin.

Anyway, Max is night and day different as far as ability in metaphysical magic than anyone I have ever met. Many talk the talk, but I never see walk the walk. This guy has Metaphysical magic down cold. He wont tell you, he will show you.

Max knows crystals far better than anyone I have ever met. He also is very adept at wood working. He has wood lathes and things like that at his house. I have been after him for over five years to create a wand for me. The way that he does it is to work with you with all the many crystals that he has, and after he finds the right one, he puts it inside a wooden wand. The wood and length are also custom tailored to you. Thus, you get a wand that really works. We set up a time for me to come over to his house and pursue this.

Another thing about Max. Every time that I bump into him, he has a lesson to teach me which is always mind blowing. This was today’s lesson.

There once was a bug. Every time the wind blew, the wind would take her to wherever the wind was blowing. So this bug decided to let the wind blow through her, then she could go whenever she wanted to go.

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